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Indicators Your Unicorn Is Actually A Douchebag In Disguise

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Signs Your Unicorn Is A Douchebag In Disguise

The guy seemed like these types of a fantastic catch and stated the proper things, so you happened to be rapid to mark him the unicorn. Situations happened to be a lot better than you actually could have anticipated for a while, however now he isn’t truly residing up to your own fairytale hopes and dreams. If you see any of these indicators, you have an undercover douchebag in your fingers:

  1. He is pressing quickly ahead on your relationship goals.

    Relationships tend to be a marathon, perhaps not a sprint. A good unicorn guy will highlight he is involved for your long haul, maybe not tell you that they are following behave like the guy just wants to attach. If he’s constantly wanting to press situations forward it might seem that’s an effective signal that he views you in the future. Plus it could be — unless the destination is the bed room.

  2. He’s revealing the love a touch too easily.

    Exactly how eventually should a guy say the guy really loves you? It varies because connections move at various rates, however if he’s shouting from the L word when you are still merely learning one another, it’s regarding. Makes you ponder what he’s hoping to get by saying it very early.

  3. He is shady along with his nearest friends.

    If the guy keeps letting his nearest and dearest’ phone calls go unanswered as he’s along with you or moaning about his best friends behind their unique backs on a regular basis, he does not love revealing you his awful side. That’s shady AF, and what is actually preventing him from doing that kind of terrible stuff for you? Soon you won’t have the ability to attain him about cellphone and you will bear in mind how the guy accustomed disregard phone calls from others when he had been away with you. You’re going to be left thinking what he’s doing along with whom.

  4. He had been single and eager AF if your wanting to.

    He could have-been unmarried for some time or he experience a lot of dangerous interactions, when he lets you know how throughout the moonlight he’s to own you, it may feel truly sweet then one a unicorn might state. However, if he’s usually going on regarding how he needed seriously to get a hold of somebody, it does make you wonder if he’s truly pleased to discovered you or if perhaps he had been merely concentrated on interacting with anybody who revealed interest.

  5. He is jaded about really love.

    According to him the guy enjoys you, but he is very cynical about love generally. When his most useful spouse will get hitched, the guy comments your guy’s visited the dark colored area. An individual says to him regarding their brand-new relationship, the guy rolls their eyes and helps make gagging sounds. Yeah, really motivating.

  6. The guy compares you to their ex constantly.

    You may think it’s cool he compares you to definitely their ex and says the manner in which you are very far better for him, but do not allow the supplement blind you to the fact that he’s mentioning the lady continuously. Is he truly hating on her plenty or could he continue to have emotions for her? There’s an excellent line between love and dislike.

  7. He is usually obtaining nude.

    Although the guy always inform you how much cash he planned to get acquainted with about your personality, today he’s usually about intercourse. He texts you late into the evening, never to chat but to booty phone call you. The guy helps make feedback regarding your hot human body and do not anything regarding your head. WTF?

  8. He’s exactly about themselves.

    It began with some simple indications which he ended up being selfish, like as he just covers himself everyday over dinner. Now you cannot really remember when last he inquired about your entire day and also enable you to speak about it without interrupting you, examining their look on the display screen of their new iphone 4 or yawning.

  9. Their social media is a playing field of nude females.

    You took a walk through his Facebook friend record and found lots of profiles with half-naked women in the pics. Certainly he understands they’re not genuine records, right? Or perhaps is the guy wishing they have been? God, is the guy actually speaking with these bikini-clad women? Ugh. It is not exactly what a guy in a committed union is performing.

  10. He is allergic to labels.

    Although he is usually with you and contains said you’re in a commitment — heck, he could have also told you he likes you — he’s not probably going to be exposing you as his GF to his friends and unlike the unicorn, he could even stall making the commitment authoritative. WTF? he is providing combined messages because he’s leading you down the garden course.

  11. The guy works like a coward.

    As soon as you confront him about one thing, he is fast to try and distract you against the condition. He dislikes conflict, and this can be a decent outcome out in worldwide — he may avoid things such as street rage and choosing a battle with a waiter over untamed salmon — however if he is providing that avoidance into your relationship, it’s not a beneficial sign. What does the guy need certainly to conceal?

  12. He disses ladies.

    He is charming to women, that was among the things you liked about him, but appeal and esteem are a couple of various things. Observe exactly how he speaks about feamales in general. Really does the guy create sexist quips or insulting stereotypical remarks? He’s a person and that discriminatory BS will end up at your home in the course of time.

  13. He is never incorrect.

    He snagged your interest in your early dates by telling you just how liable and self-critical he’s, but the guy never in fact takes any of that obligation for circumstances he’s completed. He is the man which’ll attempt to switch the tables you in a quarrel or try to find explanations why everyone else is to blame for his crummy circumstance. This is simply not the unicorn after all. This might be an immature AF man just who must mature.


Jessica Blake is actually an author who really loves good guides and great men, and knows exactly how difficult truly locate both.

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