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Its phrase four of year seven. Just a few days before summer time trips.

Our very own lunches attend our very own up-turned summer time hats like pretentious fresh fruit bowls. Our consistent hems grazes our very own legs, once we sit with completely entered feet.

My good friend Victoria, which I would identified generally my very existence, slams down her tuck shop focaccia. She pauses for result – at 12 yrs old, she had been remarkable.

“raise up your hand if you are going to stay the Wog team in season eight!” she shouted.

A few of my buddies – whose names all end in a vowel – shove their unique hands in the air. Absolutely silence. We lookup, see everybody’s sight on me personally, and slowly increase my personal hand. My personal face scrunches into a question mark.

Is this right?


the guy next few years tend to be an adolescent blur soundtracked by some Tiesto remixed R’n’B tune.

Creating my basic current email address (wogalicious_dramaqueen).

Texting a kid, “hey, I had gotten my personal eyebrows waxed, and Isabella says I look hot today, pledge.” Implementing foundation over my lips.

Teasing my personal locks between classes.

Shouting within my parents until they I want to go directly to the Carnivale Festival sporting a Ferrari T-shirt and Catholic jewellery extras.


n hindsight, all this was a desperate attempt to simply easily fit in. To suppress the bubbling sense of getting various.

To strike that stability between revolting against, and impressing, my moms and dads.

Because the basic child, additionally the queer closeted Virgo that I happened to be, that never ever arrived obviously.

Like my personal yellow-toned Mac basis, I became installing it on dense.


he bella ‘Wog female Barbies’ we surrounded me with were my ride or perish friends. The pure energy of those girls still impresses me personally.

One as soon as backed me upwards by yelling, “She’s bleeding from the flaps, sir!” since the teacher won’t allow me to go to the college nursing assistant to obtain a heat pack. Trustworthiness – not to ever end up being messed with.

But I never ever felt like a traditional inclusion.

I found myself a knock-off, in addition they happened to be the Mattel.


eventually discovered that no Wog woman Barbie is without the woman Wog Boy Ken.

Wog Boy Ken has actually a nickname according to their final name, such as Rez or Luggs. He pushes their Nonno’s auto, wears jewellery, and has a short-back-and-sides haircut with a strip of a 2000s mullet at the top of his neck. Hubba hubba. I happened to be enclosed by Wog Boy Kens expanding upwards.

Their own continuous negging, their overconfidence in addition to explosive way they inserted an area caused bloodstream to pulse in all areas.

Nevertheless more mature i obtained, the less the bloodstream pulsed, the greater amount of it boiled.


the guy patriarchal family framework runs deep in the Italian immigrant area.

This tends to generate teenage boys with too little concern and awareness, an inflated feeling of selves and, often times, who can be straight-up grotesque.

I experienced mastered my personal ‘bella regarding arm’ look, but within two mins of satisfying me, they’d see through it.

They’d encounter my feminist clapbacks, my underarm locks and my personal incapacity to ‘take bull crap’.

Despite this competition, I found myself –and however are – surrounded by all of them. I’m constantly attempting to balance my care and my personal frustration toward them.


t was not before pointier conclusion of my personal 20s – over a decade following the lunch time identity stand-off – that my queerness found myself.

My queerness decided a long-lost sibling. One which turned-up to my doorway one-day and inserted herself into living.

Some times I love their. Various other times i am upset that all her surplus mullet design provides destroyed my locks.

On the whole though, she stored me personally. My queerness had been the slap for the face that I had to develop.

It pushed us to realise that I found myselfn’t pleased in which I was: a pulse out of the Wog Barbie & Ken household expansion package.


espite becoming queer theoretically, I experienced no clue ways to be queer practically. It decided beginning at an innovative new school.

Everyone already knew both, had slept with each other, and had an outfit code. Carabiners included.

When I started awkwardly flirting with ladies, we held hearing the voices of those men staining my terms.

Easily desired to be suave and tell some body they seemed stunning, to my personal ears it sounded like “Oi, bella, you look alright, ay?”

My internalized homophobia and my personal knowledge about ‘

mandatory heterosexuality

‘ meant that any passionate or intimate improvements to someone of the same gender were followed by a wash of shame.

It felt like I found myself treating all of them in the same way those kids managed myself and my pals.

But we quickly realised anything unanticipated: my personal gateway into my queer neighborhood, my personal patron saint of bisexual empowerment, was the Wog Boy. I happened to be witnessing situations in a brand new light.


n my eyes, Wog Boys will be the best queer icons. They’re not afraid of add-ons. They make certain to hug everyone else hello, whatever sex. They are additionally stubbornly on their own.

That is where Bruno Salsicce comes in – my personal drag image. Of course, if the vowels, and sausage innuendo don’t give it away, they are a Wog Boiiiiiiiii.

A Lynx radiating, Adidas reppin’ mom’s son. He’s an assertive sleaze that – despite all your valuable attempts – it’s not possible to assist but find appealing.

They are unapologetically themselves. Bruno is wholly energized by their sensuality. He is confident flirting with all the current bellas, bellos and bellinis.

Bruno helped me discover my personal destination at my brand new queer famiglia’s table. He or she is instructing myself just how to possess my sex – in a mask of chest tresses.


strongly think everyone else have to do drag at least one time. A three-minute quantity can show you about your self than nearly any visit to Mykonos can.

Certainly one of Bruno’s numbers requires a mash-up of a few of Australian Continent’s iconic Wog guys. It shows a metamorphosis from good chapel child Anthony Callea to brash Steve (Nicholas Giannopoulos) from cringe but campy film Wog Boy.

The quantity culminates in a worlds-colliding techno remix associated with the



Possibly i will be asking too much of a piece frequently carried out in front of young intoxicated queers on a gluey dancefloor.

But if you ask me, this number says to a story about getting the judgement and brands other people apply us. It is more about discovering – and remembering – ourselves.


ver time, my self-confidence grew.

I could use area, hip push in my own undies stuffed with three sets of climbing socks (modest brag), together with ghosts of Wog men last cannot prevent me.

I happened to be out-Wog Boying them!

We frequently say that queers can pick our house. I think we also get to choose our selves.

If this wasn’t for my personal queerness, I wouldn’t have encountered the perspective to positively choose just who i do want to end up being.

Or perhaps to elect to develop a life beyond the ‘wog-group-or-not’ binary.

Whether or not it wasn’t for Bruno, therefore the mixture of Wog men he is determined by, i’dn’t be waiting since highly inside my (reasonably) new queer boots.

We perhaps did not fit the part of the Wog Girl well, but hey, I make one hot queer Wog Boy.

Chiara (@
) is a queer artist life and dealing on Wurundjeri area. This lady has the woman fingers in lot of pies being employed as an writer, musician and theatre-maker. The woman mum is the majority of proud of her work carrying out from inside the Ruby Award-winning SASTC’s manufacturing ‘Gorgon’, and selection of her poetry which was released within the anthology entitled, ‘Spitting Teeth’. Chiara provides loved dealing with the wonderful individuals at ActNow Theatre, FreeRange Theatrix, Foul Gamble, and Windmill Theatre. There’s also a boy, Bruno Salsicce (
), whom seems like Chiara in pull it is merely another wog kid attempting difficult to end up being woke.